Sunday, April 27, 2008

where does the time go????

Wow! It is hard to believe it has been a month since I blogged. There has been so much going on during that time. I have had hardly no time to scrap and I desperately need some me time to do just that.
We have been busy with Patrick's first year of t-ball since April 7th. We play twice a week. They are so cute while they are playing. Patrick is getting better he doesn't run around and cry as much as he was to begin with. He is not a happy camper while they are out in the field trying to catch the balls. He gets mad when someone beats him to it. Isn't he just the cutiest in his little uniform. He is getting so big. I wish I could freeze time and keep him this size for awhile.

I have also registered my baby for school. Boo Hoo!! He will start the 4K program in August..his birthday messes him up from starting kindergarten. Hey maybe there is an upside to him going...maybe my house will stay clean for a little while It sounds good anyway.

I also had lasik done..let me tell ya it was WELL worth it!! I am still having a little adjusting to do. I only needed it in one eye and apparently according to the dr. I have been over compensating for that eye for so long that I am still trying too. So I am still a bit blurry.

We might eventually get our house to looking good again on the outside. Since it was so dry last year our grass out front died completly so we had to put down sod. And we are still working on the fence. It should be finished this weekend. Does the too do list ever get any shorter??? I don't think it

So that is what we have been up to around here. Now I need to make sometime and do some scrapping. I have a little project I plan to make for Patrick's tball team. I want to make a small album with each of their pictures in it and the coaches and give it to them at the end of the season. Which is May 15th here so I guess I need to get busy.


  1. Glad the Lasik worked for you and you're doing well! There is NO WAY I'm letting anyone cut on my eyeballs! :-D I'm happy to see ya posting again, I've miss you. :-)

  2. Cute little boy in his baseball outfit! He looks excited