Thursday, February 14, 2008

Finally my YITL cards 1 thru 6

So I have finally gotten around to taking a picture of my year in the life cards. I have been following along with Suzanne's challenge. She posts a new word every week. It has been alot of fun and I am making them 4x5.
The first word was Resolve...this one was simple for me resolutions of course.
Winter was not so easy for me...I don't like winter it is so drab and yucky real beauty everything is brown and we are always sick.

Blue was easy it always means water to me.
Proud..I am always proud of Patrick and proud to be his mommy.

Red was a bit of a stumper for me...I don't really like red..I don't wear red often so I wasn't real sure on this at first. But the more I thought about it the I thought of Christmas...
Love...I love my family

I know not that exciting but it is I hope to actually get these posted everyweek from now on. I just kept forgetting to take pictures.


  1. Regina! Those are so beautiful! I love them all! The distressing on the first two are cool, and I love the photo on your love card. Awesome title on your red card! Thanks for playing! New word tomorrow! :-)

  2. Way to go Regina! Love your cards and so glad you are having fun with them!
    Carrie, Scrapdango