Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here are a few of my recent creations. I have been on a roll lately even with being sick. UGH..I hate colds. But anyway back to the topic at hand.
Most of these were quick and favorite style most of the

I love these photos of Patrick helping me bake our annual Christmas ornaments to paint.
What you see: Him being very helpful and cutting them out like a good boy. What you don't see: Him screaming, crying and throwing a fit because I want to take his picture and am trying to help him out.
I love this picture of Patrick with his special blankie...Isn't he a cutie!!!
I had planned to have a picture to go with this layout but Patrick screamed the entire time and clung to me so hard that I forgot to take the picture. I love those grungeboard wings!!

I never do layouts about my birthday but I thought I would give it a try. I love these noteworthy papers. I hand cut the scallops. I also used another of Sheila's wonderful stamps...aren't they great you should check out her site.


  1. Great layouts Regina! I especially love the last one and how you journaled. Very clever! Even when you're sick... hope you're good as new SOON! :-)

  2. these are great! i love what you said about what we dont see patrick doing! LOL!!!

  3. Great projects Regina -- love all the "behind the scenes" stories about Patrick! :)

  4. Very cute layouts...the one about the flying is so funny! It's nice you still did a layout telling the story even if there isn't a pic.

  5. love the layouts Regina! You have been hard at work!!!