Thursday, March 26, 2009

Woo Hoo! I finally got a new background to actually show I am so excited to have something other than the basic options...yeah me!!

We had a very busy week last week. My nephew was over visiting from MS during his spring break. Patrick loves when Trevor gets to come visit. Patrick was still in school but I picked him up at lunch so they could get all they time they could together. They spent the days playing and swimming. Patrick then went to the beach with his dad, who flew in from Colorado to spend the weekend with him. I think they had a great time together.

Since Patrick has been out of school this week we have been busy visiting with friends and family and just spending time together. I have managed to do some scrapping though and you can look for a few projects to be posted tomorrow. I have not been able to get any decent photos with all the rain we have been having the last two days.

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