Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A long week!

I have got a nasty cold this week and let me tell you it hit me like a Mack truck. All of a sudden with no warning. Luckily it is almost gone now. Because I don't have time to be sick. I have projects to finish for Patrick's teacher, Valentine's to make for his class, a gift for his little "girlfriend", and finish his teacher gift. Since I used the one I had made for her as a get well gift for my SIL. Thats not to mention the ones for Nick and Patrick. Plus, I have been helping with the Book Fair at his school. Which I love I think that is the best part of having a kid in school...the book was always what I and I still do! I am happy that Patrick shares my love of books. I hope that continues thru out his life!

On top of all of that the power supply or the mother board went out on our desk top. Thank goodness for a warranty and the laptop but I don't have my camera program on this one so there may not be any pictures loaded for a few days.

A happy note! I found out today that I will have two cards featured in the March Scrapbook News and Review! It has been an awesome week for me in this field!

Enough complaining I guess...thanks for listening to it! I am off to take some more meds so maybe I will be feeling up to dealing with Patrick's class in the morning and hopefully get to scrap some tomorrow night.


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  1. Regina - I hope you are feeling better!! And CONGRATS on the cards! That is awesome!
    :o) Erin