Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Patrick!!!!

It is so hard to believe that my baby is 4 years old! It seems like yesterday that he was just a tiny helpless baby and now he is a sassy 4 year old. Boy time sure does fly by. It seems that time just flys by but that is okay I will follow behind by just a few steps and take time to savor all the little moments.
Sweet boy of mine I am so blessed to be your mom. You have blessed my life abundantly and I couldn't imagine it without you in it. I love you my boy.

Here is a few pics of the birthday boy blowing out his candles and then plowing in his cake. He has been itching to plow in the field since he saw me making it yesterday so I promised him that he could do it after he blew out the candles. And that is exactly what he did. And then moved on to the presents, he didn't come back to the cake until after everyone left.

I was so excited that I got this shot, eventhough I almost missed it. This was from first thing this morning when Patrick came in and found the dining room decked out in John Deere stuff including large wall stickers.

Here he is at just 1 month old....Look how much he has changed.

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