Monday, November 12, 2007

~~~Our busy Weekend~~~

We have had a really busy weekend. First off we went to the Peanut Festival on Saturday night. It is a yearly event around here. It lasted for 10 days this year. It is an annual event that started in 1938 and the carnival rides were added in 1953. There are rides, food and games. Local vendors all the tractor companies have huge displays. There is a pagent, parade, petting zoo and exotic animals. Here is a link you can check out the activities..
This year they had elephant rides, camels and monkeys. Here is a pic of Patrick and our niece with the monkey. I felt so sorry for the little guy, they had a collar around his neck. Normally I wouldn't have paid for a picture because of this act alone. It just seems so cruel. But the monkey and the picture had been talked up to Patrick so much by family that I couldn't get out of it.
I have to say that we get off really cheap going to these things because Patrick doesn't like the rides. I still think they mess with his ears. Patrick and I went with my MIL and niece this year. He did have fun with the games, I let him play a few of them. Of course the tractor displays were the best for him. We spent alot of time with them and the petting zoo. He even spent some of his bday money at the John Deere booth.

Then on Sunday, my cousin and I took our 2 boys to see The Wiggles in Atlanta. It was a really great show and we had AMAZING seats. From the floor we were 7 rows up, about even with the stage.
Of course Patrick was trying to act all serious to begin with. He has gotten to where he tries to act like he doesn't like them but he still will only wear Wiggles underwear and he watchs them and walks around singing their songs all the time. It did take Patrick awhile to understand who Sam was (he is the new yellow wiggle that took Gregs place, when he had to leave the group). This is the first time he has seen anything with Sam in it. He kept asking where Greg was, and then he would say there he is. He thought it was Greg until he started talking or singing.
Patrick and Jaise really enjoyed themselves, and so did we. They really do put on a great show. We saw them last year in Mobile too and it was just as good this year. If your kiddos love The Wiggles, then I would highly recommend you go and see them. It is so worth the money and the memories.

Afterward we went to eat at this little Mexican place, it was really yummy. We went to Bass Pro Shop so the boys could look around, they love this place. They had all of the Christmas displays up already, including a full size sleigh and reighdeer. And a huge rock formation with Moose, mountain lions and goats. Here are a few pics of the boys, they are kind of blurred. I hope that my cousin had some come out better, we were taking them with our cellphones.

Now that our busy weekend is over I hope I will be able to get some scrapping done.

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