Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our Trip to the ER!

So on Wed. we had a bit of drama around here. We were getting ready to leave to go to playgroup. And on the way out Patrick ran ahead and being him, he reached to play with the fishing rods on the way off the porch. And of all the things to happen. He managed to get a fish hook in his ring finger. Of course he screamed and cried and tried to pull away causing it to go in farther. I ended up having to bite the line so he wouldn't keep pulling on it. It scared me to death and Patrick too. I had to call Nick to come home and help. I knew I couldn't pull it out by myself. Normally things don't bother me. But this, this was different. Not just because it was my child, but the thought of having to pull it out, just gave me the willies.
Nick was afraid to pull it out too, we weren't sure if it would mess something up in his finger. So we called the ambulance to see if they could take care of it. Patrick wouldn't even let them touch him. We really thought we would have to sedate him because he was screaming so hard. I did finally get to reason with him that I couldn't pull it out with phizers (scissors) and that we had to go to the doctor. Once we got in the truck, he stopped crying, and told me we needed to go see his friends so he could tell them about the hook. It was so sweet. He almost went to sleep on the way to the hospital.
Once we arrived at the hospital they got us back right away. Patrick was a real little trouper. He only cried while he was headed to the back, and that was because I was still at the front desk. He also cried while we wrapped him in a sheet, like a mummy (this is how he refers to it). The doctor gave him a shot(a hook as Patrick call shots) to numb his finger, and then he watched as they pulled it out. He then proceeded to tell the doctor Thank You...I was so impressed that he would do this at a time like this. My little boy is growing up.
Another heart touching moment was when Patrick started telling daddy that he needed to be careful with the "catcher pole" (aka fishing pole) because the hooks really hurt and he didn't want daddy to get hurt. How sweet is that? I love this boy!!!
This was our interesting day and this was all before 11am. I was impressed that we got in and out of the ER so fast. We were only there about 20 minutes total.

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