Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blog Challenge #2

So as I have done with everything else for the new year...this challenge is late. My new friend Suzanne over at Scrapdango is posting a weekly blog challenge on her blog that I have been meaning to participate with. But of course I am way behind so I plan to play a little catch up in the next few days.
This on is to focus on JUST the first half hour of your waking day. Write a blog entry describing it in depth.

The first half hour of my day is nothing very exciting. I do not wake to an alarm clock unless I am going somewhere. I either get up when my husband leaves for work at 7:45 or when ever Patrick decides to wake me up with screaming from his room...MOMMY, MOMMY, MOMMY..for some reason he will not get out of bed, I must go to him. I am not a morning person so I try and sleep for as long as I can since sleep doesn't come to me easily at night. As long as I have a few minutes alone in the mornings all is good with the day.

But alas, this is not how my day begun today. You would think on Sunday I would get to sleep in but NO. At 6:45 am I am woken by the the screaching of Jack and Jeanne, these are our 2 cockatils. They have reversed roles, use to it was Jeanne who was the loud one and Jack was so quite you didn't know he was here unless the blow dryer is running (a whole other story). But now it is Jack screaching a yelling. He has the loudest high pitch I have ever is so annoying this early in the morning. It makes me tempted to put him on the porch because I sooo want to hurt him right now. It is way too early for this. But no..this would solve nothing but us both freezing our tush off.
So I give in and get out of the warm comfort of our bed when I realize Jack is not going to give it up. Head for the kitchen for my all needed caffeine of the day. No, not coffee but Mt. Dew. Me and coffee don't mix. I so love Mt. Dew it is my little wonder/power drink. I then head for the computer. I don't function properly without my all need computer time in the mornings. I don't feel my day has started out right without. If all goes as usual I spend the next hour checking emails and the message boards.

So this is how my first 30 minutes went today. No not the typical day for me, although it has been regular this week...BE QUITE JACK!


  1. Mountain Dew? Ewww! LOL I didn't even realize it had caffeine in it. Thanks for playing! :-)

  2. Wow! Bet ya never realized how much goes on in your first 30 mins awake.