Monday, January 14, 2008

Well I have been a little bit slacking in the new year as far as blogging is concerned. The end of 2007 was so busy that I have been relishing in the fact that it is a new year and that I haven't had a ton of plans so far.
I realized today that I never updated about Christmas.
So a quick run down of some of the things we have been doing.

We had several Christmas gathering so now Patrick is convinced that Christmas lasts at least a week with presents everyday. We actually spent Christmas in the Smokies with my cousin and her family. It was suppose to be more of us but that didn't work out. We had a wonderful time. We spent the days lounging around and site seeing and the nights in front of the fire or in the hot tub. Of course with the boys fighting over toys. Patrick ended up sick on Christmas Eve and was sick for the next week. So by the end of our trip he and I were both miserable. We drove home the day after Christmas...this was no fun with a sick child in tow.
We got together with Nick's family before our trip and with mine after. I was lucky enough to be able to go pick my sister up and have her with us for a few days during our family Chirstmas. I would have loved to have been able to take her with us to the Smokies but she couldn't handle the traveling.

Nick also planned a small get together for my 32nd birthday without my knowledge. Amber baked me a yummy "daisy" cake. All in all it was a wonderful day.

Of course since having kids New Years Eve isn't that big of a deal with us. We had planned to have some family over for the evening but plans do change. So we spent the day just the 3 of us as a family. We took Patrick to see Alvin and the Chipmunks at the drive in. All I can say is at least he wasn't aggravating everyone else. It was such a cute movie though. Of course we had to make one more trip to see the Christmas lights. There is a new display close to here that is pretty cool. They had tons of lights, even though most of them where in the trees they put alot of planning into it and had built some really cool displays and also did a fireworks show for new years. It will be interesting to see how this display grows every year.

Nick and I have also celebrated our 1st anniversary! Yeah us! It sure did go by fast. Nick surprised me with roses, dinner and a movie. We saw National Treasure 2...I know not exactly romantic but it is what I have been wanting to see. Patrick stayed with my MIL which is a huge step because he doesn't stay with anyone. So we got to stay out late and not worry about anything. We also went shopping and I got new goodies for my camera.

So this is some of the major happening with us. So this post ended up being longer than expected so thank you for taking the time to read it.

I plan to get back to blogging regularly and posting some of my creations. I have been making lots of time for scrapping recently and need to get something loaded.


  1. Regina, wow!! you sure have been busy. I hear you on the woes of traveling for holidays, and with sick children to boot. Your birthday and anniversary sound very nice as well.

  2. Happy Anniversary! You have been busy this holiday season. Hopefully you are getting some r&r now.
    Carrie, Scrapdango

  3. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like a nice way to send off the holiday season!!!

  4. I think everyone's time gets away from them during the holidays. happy anniversary!

  5. man you HAVE been busy! Sounds like DH got some points on your anniversary!!!!