Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blog Challenge #4

Suzanne's challenge this week was to post a picture that we love that we took this month.

Honestly, I had several others that I was trying to decide on, but then I got this shot today of Smokey and Jack. The decision was made. Not that there is anything spectacular about this photo except for the fact that Smokey did not eat Jack. Our cat is known to kill lots of birds. Everytime he goes out he drags up another one. So we have always been really careful with Jack and Jeanne. But today they were sitting on Nick's shoulder and Jack decided to take a little flight and THIS is where he Of course this was not to Jack's knowledge until he landed.
I just lucked out that I had my camera near by and got that first look of "fright" and "ohhhh dinner." I was shocked there were no flying feathers. This went on for several minutes, Smokey was very patient....until Jack started picking at his fur...That was was time for him to GO.
So this is my pick for favorite photo this month..just because of the laugh value.


  1. Regina! That is hysterical! You got the perfect shot! :-D

  2. wow! great photo! we have a gray cat named smokey, too!

  3. Oh my gosh, what a terrific photo!!!

  4. Great picture...that is a classic look on your cats face!!!

  5. Absolutely AMAZING photo! I love it!
    Carrie, Scrapdango