Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Being I am part Irish and so is my husband. I decided to make an all green meal for dinner last night to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We always did this as a child and I wanted to do it with Patrick as well. So I plan this entire green meal...magic milk, leprechaun pancakes and bacon and shamrock biscuits. Oh the wonders of green food coloring.
Being as Patrick is so obsessed with John Deere you would think he would get a big kick out of this. But nooooo he screamed and cried the entire time and refused to eat it. And of course our niece who is 9 spent the entire time picking at it and making faces saying she didn't like it. I mean for real it isn't like you can taste the coloring. I tell you you can't win for losing with the little ones.
Oh well thought because I had a good time doing it and I guess we will just wait and see how they like it next year.

I have a layout all done..so stay tuned it will be up in the next day or two. I did it for a game of tag...so once they are posted for that I will get it up too.


  1. that is too funny Regina! Isn't that the way it always goes.....glad you had fun with the Green Day!!!

  2. How fun! What a great idea! Maybe next year he'll eat the green!
    Carrie, Scrapdango