Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The finished Playroom...FINALLY!!

I know I have been missing lately but it is because I was trying to finish up a couple of projects while Patrick was in Colorado!
So here it is in all of its This room was alot more work than I was thinking it would be...seriously what was I Nick says he will hate to ever paint over. OH No it will be here when our grandkids are visiting..hehehe.

The baseboards are down now but I wanted to get these pics taken while I still had daylight and none of the stuff was in the room.

The barn scene was a mural I bought from WallNutz.
The Elmo scene and tractors were hand drawn by my husbands cousin Evan...he is 14. He is a really great artist.
All of the rest was drawn by me or at least traced by
My husband and nephew finally got to put the flooring down. I am so excited and Patrick loves his new room.

The chalkboard is just chalkboard paint painted directly onto the wall. Nick built a frame around it. I am not sure I will enjoy the cleanup that will be involved with this.
So what do you think of it? It is a bit over the top I know. But things just kept getting added to it. Patrick knew exactly what he wanted and he wanted all of the animals that he wanted.

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  1. Wow Regina...that is a great undertaking that turned out WONDERFUL...he is a lucky guy to have such a great play space!!