Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The John Deere Room

We also finished Patrick's new John Deere room! There was a little more that I wanted to do but maybe later...I just ran out of time. I really wanted to put some metal around the bottom of the room with a chairrail...but we will see.

His new bedding hasn't arrived yet and I still have to get his Easter decorations on his tree. Yes that is still a Christmas He loves it so much that we just leave it up and change out the decorations.
And his headboard isn't finished yet either. We are refinishing it. Wow now that I am typing this it doesn't really sound like we are finished with it. There are also several other puzzles that will go on the walls but they aren't done either. You can tell where they will

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  1. What an awesome room for a little boy to have!!! I bet he loves it!!
    Thanks Regina for visiting my blog! Have a great weekend!