Saturday, July 18, 2009

I realized I haven't really shared any pictures lately. It has become a challenge to get any pictures of Patrick over the past several months. I guess he is tired of his

Here are a couple of pictures I got of him yesterday with his new godzilla tshirt on. He is all about the godzilla. Anything with this big ugly beast and he is one happy camper. Aunt Cassie and Uncle Jason sent him this and we had to snap a pic to send to them for a thank you of course. They also got him the coveted (by Patrick) Mothra and King Ghidorah figures he has been wanting forever! I think they have just become his favorite aunt and My little guy is such a ham.

Okay I am off to bed see you guys tomorrow....well later

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  1. these so remind me of my boys when they were little - no actually they still make silly faces and act goofy when the camera is out. This fella is a little ham bone - bet he'll taste good with beans!!