Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great Blog Giveaway!!!

Wow! While blog hopping I ran across this awesome blog, Vanilla Joy. It is always full of great tips and ideas. Like "children's face painting" and "positive discipline for children." And then there are things for you as well like "obaji products" and "orginal date ideas" who doesn't need a few of those. And there is of course "family fun activities." And wow, let me tell you the giveaways they have are even more impressive! This weeks is AMAZING!!! They are giving away a minibox from The Original Scrapbox. This thing is awesome I so need it! It would be a wonderful addition to any room and would hold all of my scrap stuff to boot. Anyone who knows me knows I need all the help I can get with organization. It would be great for anyone who doesn't have alot of space to spare. Do you need one? I really really need it!!!

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