Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kits 2 Remember mini fridge calendars

I don't know about you all but I have been thinking about Christmas lately. It will be here before we know it. That is where my project for today has come from. Our extended family always draws names for the adults and buys all the kiddos gifts. But I still like to give every family a little something they can use, that I can make without a great expense.

I decided to make little mini fridge calendars this year. I used 4 inch acrylic cirlces from the kits 2 remember store for the base of these. But for the magnet on the back I have taken the magnets that come on the front of the new phone books and cut them into strips. I have tons of these around from when Patrick was little. They were the perfect size for him to play with and I didn't have to worry about him swallowing They are 4 inch squares, I have even used them for my calendar base in the past. They use to be alot thicker than the ones we have received the past few years.

Here are the magnets I used...

I have ordered little index print size photos of each of the families. I got some great shots of each individual family last year so I am going to use those. I try to match them to their decor or personalities if possible. It makes it more personal rather than mass produced.

For the calender pages I just looked online for some printable pages. I found mine HERE I cropped the top portion off since they had images at the top. And printed them out at wallet size.

I punched holes and added brads to hold the pages together and on the acrylic. But I have also run a line of hot glue across the top to hold the pages together before. It works great.

This one is actually for a single cousin so I got to use lots of bling on this one.

This one is for a bachelor friend of ours who is more like an uncle. He loves to get pics of Patrick and his 2 cousins. So I will use a photo of the boys on this one. I sprayed the entire thing with silver glimmer mist including the calendar pages to keep them from being so stark white.

This one is for one of our cousins. He is a single dad with 2 boys. So I tried to keep it....boy!
I have 3 done and many many more to do. Have you started making Christmas gifts yet? What type of things to you make? I would love to here or even see them. I still have lots of other things to do as well so I could use some ideas.
Don't forget there is still time to get in on the k2r contest! It ends August 14th. Go HERE for all the details.

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