Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day Out With Thomas!!

Okay so today we went to Cordele, Ga to do Day out with Thomas. I know this sounds crazy because Patrick doesn't even like Thomas, but he does love trains. Plus LaShelle wanted us to go because Jaise loves thomas and it was a good family outing. Of course we roped Nick and Mike into going too. Also a friend of Mikes from work and his family went.
This is a picture of all of us (except for Nick, who was behind the camera) with Thomas.
Considering how badly Patrick could have acted it turned out to be a really fun day. Patrick has been talking about it ever since we left. Patrick, Jaise and Carsyn all had a blast. Of course Carsyn isn't old enough to know what is really going on but he sure enjoyed getting to ride and see out at the same time.

They had a DNR booth set up with Ga reptiles and animals. The did a very informative program and had snakes, gators, hawks, turtles and a flying squirrel. Of course the best part for Patrick was the gators. He talked the one girl into pulling them back out for him after the show. I thought this was a cute picture of the actions.

Of course you and Jaise also got to touch one of the snakes...I am still now sure how I feel about it but you liked it. But you refussed to hold it...thank God...

I love this picture of Patrick and Carsyn on the bus heading back to the van.

We also got to see all the old planes, tanks and cannons before we left the park. All in all this was a good day. We had lots of fun and made lots of new memories!!! And something else for me to scrap!!!


  1. You got some wonderful photos!!! I am still working on the album from LAST year....I'm so behind!!! Can't wait to see your pages!!!

  2. Love all your photos!! Can't wait to see what you do with the one of him touching the snake...eeewwwww!!!