Sunday, October 28, 2007

We finally got around to carving Patrick's pumpkin on Friday night. He has been wanting to all week and we just haven't done it. He just wanted a basic pumpkin because he wanted one like Lucy's on Charlie Brown. If you can't tell we have been watching The Great Pumpkin wayyy too
And of course once daddy started carving he got upset and cried some. But he was very intent on watching the entire process but he did not want in on the work, because he would get dirty.
The advantage of picking a small pumpkin is the fact that it only takes a few minutes to do. This was the shortest pumpkin carving I have ever

Here is Patrick with his completed pumpkin. Once I got him to actually smile and look at the camera...But my favorite is the one of him peeking over the top of the pumpkin.

And of course it all aglow!!!!

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  1. Oh, those photos are just awesome Regina!!! He is such a doll!!!