Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Patrick has gotten 2 new pets. I know, like we really needed any We already have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and fish! He has been asking for a turtle and to be honest I really wanted to get him one. I always had turtles growing up, and I have a soft spot for

Nick went fishing 2 weeks ago and one of these little guys swam right up to the boat and he just reached in and picked him So I guess it was meant to be! He is a yellow bellied slider (on the right) Patrick named him Tommy. Two days after we got him and an old aquarium set up for him, Patrick left to go to the beach. I was worried about the little guy not making it until Patrick got home (we couldn't get him to eat). He made it until the night before and apparently our cat out smarted the top of the tank and got him out (that has now been We searched everywhere. No Tommy to be found. So we gave in to the fact that Tommy was gone. We tell Patrick what happened and go by the pet store to get another one. They were out so we go back on Wed. to get one, a red eared slider (on the left) he is named Timmy. Needless to say 2 days after Tommy disappeared he showed back up running around in our bedroom floor. Poor little guy was so dried out! I don't know how he managed to stay safe from our blasted cat!

A little closeup of Timmy (on left) and Tommy (on right). They are only about the size of a 50 cent piece! Aren't they cute!

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  1. How awesome to be lucky enough to find a baby turtle while out fishing and how lucky for the baby to be found after so long without water. I think you should rename him Lucky. I love turtles also but here you have to buy a special tank for them. You can't just buy the turtle by itself.