Friday, January 30, 2009

It has been one crazy week around here..I mean super busy. I haven't had a chance to really do anything. And boy has the house paid for looks like a tornado came thru here. I hadn't realized how bad until I sat down this afternoon for a few minutes. Of course after looking around I had to get up and start cleaning because it was driving me nuts.

On a great note..Smokey came home Tuesday night. If you read my post from a few weeks ago we thought he had run off to die. He was scheduled to have a very large tumor removed from his side and he disappeared a few days before his appointment. And has been gone ever since. Wed morning I had him at the vets office and they removed the tumor. He is doing great and I got to pick him up today. I also worked all day at the auction, at the concession stand for our school. I was exausted that night.
Thursday we had to take Stuart, our other cat, to be fixed. He came home today also...he is such a scared cat he was so pitiful when I got there. I rean errands all day on Thursday because we were out of everything around here. It has been so long since I have went to get groceries and such.
Today I spent the day at the school. I changed out all of the bulliton boards for Miss Michelle and got some craft projects ready for next week. Along with mediating a few disputes. Kids fight about the craziest things. God Bless all of you teachers out there. I really don't think I could do that all day every day! Twice a week is enough for me.

I don't think next week will be any different. They are having the book fair at Patrick's school and I will be helping with that.

I know I can't seem to say no. But I believe it is our job as parents to help all we can at our kids school.

I am heading off to bed now because to be honest I feel like I am going to pass out right here in front of the Until later!

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