Friday, January 16, 2009

Our dear Smokey

I am afraid our dear Smokey is gone. Some of you may remember that a few months ago we had to have a tumor removed from his side. They said it was caused by his vaccines..insane I know. Well it came back before it even healed all the way. This time it was growing even faster than before. We made another appointment to have it removed again I just wasn't ready to face losing him. He doesn't act like it bothers him unless you touch it. It had gotten so large that it rubbed when he went out the catdoor to get to the litterbox so we had been letting him go outside because of that. He never goes outside for more than one night normally. But he has been gone since Monday. His appointment was yesterday. We haven't been able to find him since he went out on Monday. I am so afraid he went off somewhere to die. I hate to think he was alone at the end. I keep hoping he will show up.

So in honor of our little guy here is my fav picture of Smokey. And one of Smokey and Stuart together. He thought he was Stuarts mom I He brought this kitten up and took care of him until we brought him in the house.

But to move on from our sad news. Here are the little goodies bags I made for Patrick's Christmas party. They came together pretty quickly. I used my cricut to cut the bags and reindeer out. We used wiggly eyes, and stickles on his nose, which I poped up with pop dots
and My Sentiments Exactly stamps.
We put each childs name on the bags because Patrick made ornaments and wanted to give one to everybody.

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