Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wow! Has it really been 2 months since I posted? Actually it has been at least that long since I have been on any of my scrap sites too. Girls I haven't forgotten about you. I promise to be back soon. The only site I have been on is the K2R blog. Actually that is all of the scrapping I have gotten done as well. We had a virus on our computer around Thanksgiving I believe it was. And I messed my wrist and hand up so I have been staying off of the computer and no scrapping except for what I needed to do. Because I about couldn't stand the pain just from normal things I had to do. They still don't know what is going on with me. But there is a knot on the top of my hand and we don't know where it came from. At least it doesn't hurt as much now. So I am not complaining.
Lets see...I never posted any of Patrick's birthday pictures. Here are just a few. He wanted a godzilla party. So this is the cake I came up with. I think it turned out pretty good. He was so excited because he recieved 4 more of the

While I am on cakes. Here is the Barney cake I did for my nephew, Carsyn's 2nd birthday. Patrick couldn't believe I was making Barney since I refused to let him watch it when he was he doesn't see why anyone likes him. Thats my boy!

Thats it for now. I will be back tomorrow with some scrappy stuff. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season full of family, friends and wonderful memories.

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