Sunday, January 4, 2009

We had a very eventful night last night. Around 7 we got a phone call that our 2 year old nephew had been shot. Yeah you heard me right SHOT! How insane is that? They were in their house with Carsyn riding his tricycle, Jaise was also playing in the room. And there was a shooting at the neighbors house on another street and 2 stray bullets came into their house and 2 stuck in the banister of the porch!

Carsyn is fine really. He was very lucky. It hit him on the edge of his knee, it went all the way through from front to back. Only fatty tissue was effected..luckily! They went in last night around midnight and cleaned it again and sewed it up. He was such a trooper. He cried until they covered it up at home. And then started laughing and laughed and played while in the ambulance. He never cried while at the ER until they washed it out! Everyone was amazed at how he was doing.

He was back in his room at 2 this morning and by lunch he was up and walking on it!

Patrick was so worried about him. He refused to stay with grandma and stayed up all night at the hospital with us. He had to check Carsyn from head to toe to make sure he was really okay. Such a sweet boy!

Thank God it wasn't any worse. We could sure use any prayers and thoughts for our little guy though. And for the family they are now looking to sell their house and buy a new one.

Thanks so much guys!


  1. Hi Regina! This is iemom from PaperPopsicles and I am just wondering if you ever sent the layout from the photo swap...cuz it never got here! Just wanted to check and I see you haven't been on PP (I read why on your blog!) and my pm's haven't made it to you! Thanks!


  2. OMG!! I am so glad that everything turned out ok. Thank GOd!! I am sending good thoughts your way... I hope they can sell quickly.

  3. Regina, what a terrible thing to happen! I sure hope that they arrested the person who shot the gun. Glad that Carsyn is doing well. Hugs to him.