Monday, June 1, 2009

k2r Sports Frame

It is that time of year again. When alot of us are trying to figure out gifts for those sports fans in our lives. Check the kits2remember krew blog for more inspiration. My k2r project was quick and easy. I made an acrylic frame, this was a really good year compared to last year for Patrick so I wanted to be able to display a team photo next to his trophy. Not that I don't have last years out too.

I used the next to the last page (it measures 8x9) of the 8 inch stadium album. You will see what I did with the rest of the album soon. I marked where I wanted my photo to be and cut the hole at 4.5x6.5. I used my 12x12 rotary cutter for this. I passed it across several times on one side and then flipped it over and made a couple more passes. You can feel it when you break through and will hear a little pop. It makes nice clean cut with no sharp edges. I did mess up in one corner and over cut but I planned to cover it anyway.

I simply covered the sides with ribbon and then ran it across the top and bottom edges of the photo hole as well. Since the ribbon is kinda busy I added a simple clear sticker to the bottom edge. I wanted a rubon but I didn't have one I liked. I like the little bit of clear at the top and bottom.

I added a transparency over the photo so it wouldn't get damaged. For the back I cut a piece of chipboard to make the photo sleeve. I didn't put adhesive on the top edge so it can be changed out if we wish to in the future. I used a scrap of chipboard to make an easel.

I always make an 8x8 album for everyone on my sons team. Well, last year was our first year of I simply make a cover page with the team name and year, and a page for each player and the coach with their name/number/photo. Fast and simple because I use the same basic design on each page. I usually take them somewhere and have them copy and bind isn't super expensive. And I think they will be great to look back on and remember each member of the team. I just use cardstock, pattern paper and a few diecuts so I can add them to his 8x8 book. Two years of t-ball fit nicely in one book and then I will start a new one next year for coach pitch.

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